EST. 2018


We take away your laundry burdens, So you'll have time for other things®

What We Do

We are Washing and Laundry Service providers dedicated to removing your weekend laundry and washing burdens therefore freeing your time and weekend for other equally and or more important weekend activities. "Let Us Do Your Washings For You" Furthermore because we also have qualified tailors and joiners on staff, we can also carry out minor repairs on your clothes eg Tear Repairs.....Patching.....Button/Zipper Replacement....Size Reduction/Expansion, etc. Our in-house professional Tie-Dye experts could also bring your old clothes back to life by dyeing it in any colour of your choice....eg your old Jeans, T-Shirts and other clothes.

Who We Do It For

Our clientele is wide and varied. Our laundry/washing activities is divided into two divisions…Corporate and Domestic. Our Domestic division is focused on easing and removing the burdens of washing clothes in the weekends for our clients. These clients includes Private individuals, The single working man and woman, The working husbands and housewives, Whole Family units, Self Employed Business Owners with little or no time in the weekends, Traders Handymen Mechanics Repairers etc and anyone with busy lifestyles and obligations. Our Domestic division is there for these clients to make their weekend more enjoyable by not having to worry about weekend washing and laundry. As we would wash and deliver the clothes by Sunday evening making you ready for the week ahead. Our Corporate Division is focused on delivering laundry and washing services to corporate institutions and parastatals…..Hospitals, Hotels, Breweries, Manufacturing companies & govt. parastatals with uniform wearing departments. Once again removing these burden from our clients so that they could focus on their core activities.

How We Do It

From dresses, shirts to cotton trousers, suits, traditional wears Babarigas, Gowns and many more, We will pick up your laundry at your premise(s)…….we will wash and clean them and finally, we will return them to you well (professionally) packaged. Since we are professionals and dedicated service providers we pride ourselves in being precise with our laundry and washing services to you. That is why we back up all our services to you by giving you an estimated time frame in which your laundry would be picked up and delivered back to your premises after washing. Furthermore, we are also equipped with the latest cutting-edge tools of the trade so that for the peace of mind of our clients all laundries could be tracked traced and followed (through all the stages of washing and packaging) from pick up until return.

Terms & Conditions Of Service

Art.1 Payment for all services offered by weekendwarrios shall be made in advance. Art.2 All payments made to weekendwarrios for its services are non-refundable. Art.3 All items of underwear no matter the size shape form or purpose/use with the exception of singlets and T-shirts are prohibited. Weekendwarrios does not wash any kind of undergarments and therefore reserves the right to destroy and or refuse all and any undergarments mistakenly or otherwise included/found in the laundry handed to it. Art.4 All undergarments found in any laundry shall not be returned. It shall be destroyed. Art.5 All garments for laundry no matter the size shape form purpose or use shall be counted individually. Art.6 To avoid any/all conflicts, be sure to confirm the physical state and quantity of the laundry with the pickup/delivery agent before departure. Art.7 Weeekendwarrios shall not be responsible for any discrepancy/dispute/loss and or damage regarding the state/quantity of the la