We take away your weekend laundry burdens

So that you'll have time for other things™


We are Washing and Laundry Service providers dedicated to removing your weekend laundry and washing burdens, therefore, freeing your time and weekends for other equally and or more important activities. Let Us Do Your Washings For You...

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Our laundry/washing activities are divided into two divisions…Corporate and Domestic. Our Domestic division is focused on easing and removing the burdens of washing clothes on the weekends for our clients. These clients include Private individuals, The singl...

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From shirts to trousers, suits, dresses, traditional wears, babarigas, gowns and many more, We will pick up your laundry at your premise(s)…….we will wash and clean them and finally, we will return them to you professionally packaged. We are professionals ...

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Our Services

Pickup - Track & Trace

With our no hassles 'contactless' Pick Up protocols....just tell us where you are and we will come and pick up your laundry promptly free of charge...!!! And immediately after pickup and for your peace of mind and in real-time, you could track & trace even follow all the stages and processes your laundry goes through from pick-up to delivery back to you. Just login into your account and follow your laundry

Washing & Packaging

At weekendwarrios, washing ironing and packaging come as standard.....no extra charges are required. These are basic services enjoyed by all our customers......notwithstanding your chosen wash program or quantity of your laundry.......your clothes would be washed ironed and neatly packaged for delivery except otherwise instructed by our customers/clients. Our clients/customers could then additionally choose any of our offered laundry extras to suit their needs. Also as standard practice at weekendwarrios, your laundry would be washed with dedicated scented detergents and Fabric Softeners to preserve their delicate nature and thereafter machine dried. However, not all clothes/fabrics are machine-washable and dry-able. As professionals, we would delicately hand-wash and dry these clothes/fabrics in our special drying rooms....as rays of sunlight could be damaging to some fabrics (colour and fabric texture fading acceleration) before proceeding to ironing and packaging ready for delivery. In short, your laundry would never be exposed to the damaging rays of the sun. Simply put, we will look after your valuable clothes with utmost care while in our possession.

Delivery-Pickup (Free Wi-Fi)

Using our contactless delivery protocols, your laundry after washing will be delivered to you on time and within the timeframe promised to you……we guarantee it…!!! And as proof of how sure we are on meeting and surpassing our promises to you on timely delivery, every time we miss the allotted delivery time a percentage of your paid fee would be returned to you within 24hrs of missing the deadlines. While waiting for their laundries at our Head Office our Wait & Get (Express) customers can enjoy Free Wi-Fi including Live International News Channels and Movies in our waiting room

Simple Pricing

Choose Plan

Strict Covid-19 (Hygienic) Protocols Observed @ our Premises

Our Assurances


Because we generate our own power and water, there is constant uninterrupted 24/7 power and water supply so that we could meet and surpass our obligations to you our customers...."We Have No NEPA/Water Problem"


Through our guaranteed and uninterrupted connectivity, we are available to our customers on various platforms and devices 24/7


With our competitive single "Wash Program Pricing" and "Package Deals", you can wash different types and sizes of clothes at the same price while saving cost. The price of your chosen Wash Program is guaranteed never to change no matter the type of clothes you want to wash.


Fast and on-time guaranteed Pickup and Delivery at all times.......Anywhere. With an automatic Track & Trace link on your PC and or Android phones/tablets, you could in real-time track & trace even follow the progress and all the stages/processes your laundry goes through from pick-up to delivery back to you.


Guaranteed customer care services never before seen and or experienced in Nigeria.


Staffed with hard-working dedicated and courteous staff, you are guaranteed a service level experience not common in Nigeria.